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Re: Würstelstand, new beta -> mikmod problem!

Am Mon, 23 Aug 1999 hast Du wahrscheinlich geschrieben:
>Philipp Gühring <e_source@enemy.org> writes:
>> http://members.xoom.com/fw2001/wurst-update.tar.bz2
>> is the new binary for x86. Please test it in the next 24 hours.
>It didn't worked here:
>ingo@grumbel:/var/tmp/lwurstbeta $ ./wurst 
>./wurst: error in loading shared libraries: ./wurst: undefined symbol: drv_oss

Oh no! I know, where the problem is.
It is in libmikmod.
Previously I Autoloaded all Drivers. (RegisterAllDrivers)
But the problem was that when the soundsystem of the computer didn´t
work, it puttet the output to the file music.raw, filling up the
whole harddisk. So I decided to load the needed drivers selectivley.
Which leads to problems with the linker, because the linker only
accepts the libs, that are compiled on the particular system.

I´ll work on that.

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