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Re: Why code your own library?

jorrit <jorrit.tyberghein@uz.kuleuven.ac.be> writes:

> Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
>> You are correct, but plib and crystalspace are different! Plib is
>> AFAIK a wrapper around all that stuff which isn't portable (Joystick,
>> Sound, etc.) and has in addition some other stuff like a primitive
>> GUI, font renderer, etc. While Crystalspace is a game engine for
>> first/third person indoor games like Quake/Doom, etc.
>> I do not mean that everybody should use Crystalspace for there games,
>> since CrystalSpace is worthless for stuff like flightsimulators or
>> similar stuff.
> For the moment it is. Note that CS will not remain an indoor only engine.
> We are already working on an integrated landscape engine and some people
> are busy with space type games.

But CS is still a Game Engine, not a general purpose 3D API. A
landscape engine wouldn't change that, it would just extend the
engine. Don't understand me wrong, I am not criticizing, I just won't
to show the different between a GameEngine and an general purpose API.

> Also CS is not limited to FPS as well. CS is even not limited to games.
> CS will be used as a 3D preview to a garden design program for example.
> Has nothing to do with games.
> Many people are trying to make RPG games using CS.

As I said, the unique look&feel of a game depends much more on the
game desing than on the used engine. Its nice to see that even an Game
Engine can be used very flexibel.

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