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LGDC tutorial layout and bug report

Tutorial Linux Game Installer HOW-TO  (By Ingo Ruhnke)          
   Well, we can't just code our game without doing other things, such
   as actually getting it out the door for people to use! Ingo Ruhnke,
   author of Pingus and maintainer of the Linux Game Programmer's
   Ring, offers the LGDC's readership a first version of what will
   hopefully become an important document in a game developer's
   arsenal: the Linux Game Installer HOW-TO. 

Just read the announce and there is one mistake. I am not and I was
never the maintainer of the Linux Game Programmer's Ring. The
maintainer should be Ephren Taylor and not me.

And another general LGDC comment. At the moment all tutorial and
articles are integrated into the site. That causes some throuble:
First it is hard to update the stuff, than it is IMHO harder to read
on a black background than on a white/grey one and printing is also
difficult. I think the tutorials shouldn't be directly integrated into
the website and instead keep seperate page, maybe on another host or on
sunsite if the author didn't has the space available. Another idea
would be to convert them all to sgml (linuxdoc), since that would give
us some more formats (*.dvi for printing, *.html for the web and *.txt
for the rest) and write a template to convert it all in a LGDC look
and feel, but still ofer the other formats.

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