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Re: LGDC tutorial layout and bug report

At 03:19 PM 8/27/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Just read the announce and there is one mistake. I am not and I was
>never the maintainer of the Linux Game Programmer's Ring. The
>maintainer should be Ephren Taylor and not me.

	My apologies to you and Ephren. I misinterpreted something I szaw on your
homepage for Pingus.

>And another general LGDC comment. At the moment all tutorial and
>articles are integrated into the site. That causes some throuble:

	Yes. We are well aware of that. We have been trying to get some sort of
MySQL functionality going for our site, but it has been a painstaiking
process. I don't know why we are having so many difficulties, but it is
mainly in the communication.

	This might be the best time to consider moving to another site. I think
that, given our current "intensity" with LGDC, a move might not result in
the potential loss of the site like it came close to last time. I will post
on this in the morning. (For me. It's late, the mpost will be lengthy and I
am getting very sleepy. I'm afraid I won't make much sense.)

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster