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Re: GGI Trick

Am Mit, 25 Aug 1999 hast Du wahrscheinlich geschrieben:
>"Philipp Gühring" wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Perhaps someone finds this code useful, it helps to display 8 Bit
>> graphics everywhere (including 16 bit or 24 Bit X-Servers),
>> automatically with GGI:
>> Perhaps someone wants to include it into the tutorials.
>Yeah! I find it cool. You can have the same result by setting the
>GGI_DISPLAY variable before launching your program (with bash: export
>GGI_DISPLAY=palemu), but your method is much more convenient. With your
>authorisation I will include it to my tutorial.

Sure, that´s exactly what I thought it for.
By the way, it was your tutorials, that helped us very much!

Many greetings,
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