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Game Logic, scripting, adventure games

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Hi guys!

I'm going to talk about different type of game, but scripting aswell.
Some points are more general so there is some relation hopfully...

I'm trying to think out the best way to do a 2D graphical adventure
game ( like Monkey Island for example ).

Monkey Island ( and Indiana Jones, Day of the Tentacle, ...)
use the Scumm story system. In my opinion, these are one of the best
adventure games and Scumm is one of the best adventure game engines eve=

Those who know some of these games know, that they are interpreter-base=
I know very little about this interpreter ( that it exists and
that it supports an object called ACTOR -- but that's not really import=

These games are not expandable, so I was wondering, what are the benefi=
of such an interpreter based game.

Let's not consider using an existing scripting language.
We're doing a new language, we can make it look in any way we like.
What are the benefits?

The only thing I've thinked of yet is MULTIPROCESSING.
This can make the code a lot easier.
Say: two things happen at once, like
1. A man is walking left and right on the screen,
   stopping if something gets in his way.
2. We are controlling an actor with cursorkeys.

If written directly in C, we would need to run some man=5Fupdate(),
actor=5Fupdate(), thinking of whether the man didn't already die of wal=

With scripting you just write something like ( pseudo-script only )

room {
  fork man; /* creates a walking man */

  do {

man {
  while(!dead) {
    if(on=5Fside=5Fof=5Fscreen) turn=5Faround;
    if(nothing=5Fin=5Ffront) walk;

Both things are happening at once, but I haven't solved yet communicati=
between processes etc.
Also, you don't have to call any display or input updates,
i.e. you say you want something to be visible,
but it really get's visible when the next frame is drawn
and stays visible ( is drawn to all next frames ) until you say
you want it deleted.

Anyway I have never seen any code to a graphic adventure game and have
no experience in this way. If you have, I would highly appreciate any
comments, recommendations, code, etc...

To sum up this long long stupid text:
  What can I get if I use scripting, any experience,
  any knowledge how existing adventure systems work?


      Jiri Svoboda

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Subject: RE: Interessting link about game design

On 31-Jul-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Erik wrote:
>>> Its just a link about game design, but a pretty interessting one IMHO:
>>>  * http://www.obsession.se/balance/index2.html
>>> Especially it discusses some details on what makes a game fun to play
>>> and whats important to get a consistent look and feel.
>>very good series of articles, even though I disagree with a couple issues. I
>>think this should be linked off the LGDC page :)
> Care to post a news and/or resource item? I haven't read it yet,
> otherwise I'd do it myself ;)
> -- 
> Christian Reiniger
> Coordinator, LGDC (http://sunsite.auc.dk/lgdc/)
> Windows IS NOT a virus...viruses do something.

ingo's find, so he should get "so&so submitted" credit :) I was merely stating
that I feel it's newsworthy

        -Erik <erik@smluc.org> [http://math.smsu.edu/~br0ke]

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