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Re: Game Logic, scripting, adventure games

> Let's not consider using an existing scripting language.

Why not?

> We're doing a new language, we can make it look in any way we like.
> What are the benefits?

> Anyway I have never seen any code to a graphic adventure game and have
> no experience in this way. If you have, I would highly appreciate any
> comments, recommendations, code, etc...

I created a scripting language for intelligent Multiple-Choice Dialogs, based
on my playing experience from Monkey Island, ... and used it in my Trading
Simluation "Würstelstand", but it is very useable for 2D Adventures, I think.
I wrote an article about it, which is on LGDC:

It is designed to be taken and adapted to the game in which it is actually
used, not to be used as a readily available library.
Read the article and ask me questions, if you have them.

Many greetings,
~ Philipp Gühring              p.guehring@poboxes.com
~ http://www.futureware.at/       ICQ UIN: 6588261
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