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Re: Static Linking Throuble with OpenGL

Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
"Adam D. Moss" <adam@gimp.org> writes:
The problem is that if I link dynamic against the GL libs, that I also
have to dynamic link against libc. Which makes the binary unusable on
systems that have an older version of libc around than I have. Beside
that dynamic linking against GL seems to work fine, but the libc issue
doesn't really make it a useable solution if the resulting binary will
only work on 50% of the systems out there.
Oh, I see.

If you have an old machine lying around somewhere then the
only solution I can see would be to install an older-glibc
Linux distro and use that as a build machine.

If you're very careful then you can probably put together
a set of older libs to link against on your main system,
but that's a real headache to get right I think.

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