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Re: Linux game programming wiki

On Tue, Aug 26, 2003 at 04:58:28PM +1000, Richard james wrote:
> Is there a linux game programming wiki anywhere?
> I guess not. So should we create one? It would greatly help game
> programmers 
> on linux.
> Richard :)

I've not seen one... but a wiki is just a publishing method, if there's no
one producing content, it just sits idle. I started up a general linux wiki
for a users club assuming it'd just "go like magic", so I seeded it and waited
... and waited... and am still waiting (http://smluc.org/wiki)...

I don't think anyone has offered any content for the lgdc page in quite a
while, so I'm not sure if a wiki would get used... is it much different than
sending an email?

(that being said, wiki's are quick and easy to set up, so it might be worth
a shot... *shrug* who knows :)

(looks like there's been more traffic in the last couple hours than
there has for the last yr or so... wow)

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