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Re: GLUT and sound

Stephen J Baker:
>  With the next release of freeglut, the header IS 100% compatible with
>  GLUT - and you can even compile your program against a dynamically
>  linked GLUT - then switch over to freeglut without recompiling.
>  The next release of freeglut will fix a GAZILLION problems.  Both RedHat
>  and SuSE want to use freeglut in place of GLUT in their next major
>  revision.
This is a good news.
(You haven't still chenged the trove categorization on SF, is still marked as 

>  It doesn't seem to have changed much (at all?) since Loki died...they
>  were the major drivers behind it.
I feared so....

> Most of the development work discussed on the mailing list relates to the
> Windows version. There doesn't seem to be a significant push on the Linux
> front, and things like EAX support do not seem likely at all (usual
> patent/IP/lawyer idiocy problems). The code and featureset seems pretty much
> frozen - it is functional and usable, but the mixer is still software and a
> lot of features are not being ported. :/

It's a pity.
I like very much OpenGL, and a similar system for audio would have been a 
great improvement... Linux... still lacks an audio standard suitable for 

Francesco Orsenigo