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sdl & wxWindows & sound ...

There is something that has been bugging me for a while: I've been programming in windows 3d engine stuff .. but I've been using Directx .. now I'm considering something that could be developed under Linux but also compile for windows. So, my favorite choice was wxWindows ... but that doesn't have mouse&keyboard handleing right ... afaik ... so it seems I need SDL ... any idea if these two work together? For 3d programming os independent it seems that SDL is pretty much a must .. but for window management (& threads & stuff) something lik wxWindows would sure come in handy .. any ideas if these mix & match? Also on another topic: any idea of any os-independent library to decompress/play some kind of compressed music files (like .mp3, .ogg ..?)

I'm asking all this because ... well .. hopefully here I've found some 3d programmers that work in Linux.