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Re: sdl & wxWindows & sound ...

>    There is something that has been bugging me for a while: I've been
>  programming in windows 3d engine stuff .. but I've been using Directx ..
>  now I'm considering something that could be developed under Linux but
>  also compile for windows. So, my favorite choice was wxWindows ... but
>  that doesn't have mouse&keyboard handleing right ... afaik ... so it
>  seems I need SDL ... any idea if these two work together? For 3d
>  programming os independent it seems that SDL is pretty much a must ..
>  but for window management (& threads & stuff) something lik wxWindows
>  would sure come in handy .. any ideas if these mix & match? Also on
>  another topic: any idea of any os-independent library to decompress/play
>  some kind of compressed music files (like .mp3, .ogg ..?)
>      I'm asking all this because ... well .. hopefully here I've found
>  some 3d programmers that work in Linux.
>  greets,

I found myself very comfortable with GLUT: is fast, portable and has a better 
keyboard handle than SDL.
Lacks sound output and network handle, but has a good window management.
It's definitely worth a try.

For compressed music files i'd give a look at Vorbis original libraries.
Also look at Planeshift http://www.planeshift.it/main_01.html, is am open 
MMORPG, it's available for Linux and W32 and they use OGG music.

Francesco Orsenigo