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Re: GLUT and sound

Stephen J Baker:
>  Also <plug>check out 'freeglut' - which is truly OpenSourced (GLUT is not)
>  and which has some nicer features whilst retaining backwards compatibility
>  with GLUT</plug>
Wy does freeglut use 'freeglut.h' instead of 'glut.h'?
This seems just to make compatibility with GLUT harder (well, not THAT 

Adam D. Moss:
>  Sure, libvorbis is os-independant, and decodes ogg files (it's very
>  easy).  You'd then do the actual 'playing' through SDL's audio
>  abstraction or through something like OpenAL (cross-platform
>  3d positional audio library).
How much good is OpenAL?
Is the project still under developement, or is it near to death?

Any suggestion on what's the best way to obtain sound while using GLUT?
(I'd try SDL...)

I'm getting annoyed with all this portability.
My next game will be Linux-only.
I'll spend efforts to ensure non-compatibility with w32...
(Extensive use of pipe()/socketpair() should do it...)
I promise.

Francesco Orsenigo, Xarvh Project