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Re: artists

Chris wrote:

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[Thu, 28 Aug 2003 18:13:25 +0300] Message from Anarky:

oh boy ... that's not good news :-(
I was gonna ask if there's a way of making a linux doing artwork in my
linux = living?

yep :P

favorite OS ... to know if it's worth investing time&effort into that (soon I'll finish uni and I'll HAVE t o get a job)
guess not :-(

umm .. no reply :-(

Most linux game coders are working on projects in their spare time, out of
their own pocket (TBH I can only think of one company involved in Linux
games specifically now). Funding is pretty much non-existant, so usually a
professional artist is well beyond the price the developer can afford.
   I know ... wished it was possible though ;P