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Blender & Cygwin

Gregor Mückl:
>  Don't underestimate the power of Cygwin! :-)
Ever tryed to port a multiplayer?
Network performance drops.
This is a point where Linux is much stronger than w32...
(Except for multicast... i still have to find out how to make a "search for 
available server" function...)

Jan Ekholm:
>  Blender on the other hand... Well, you need to try to learn to use it for
>  a few months before you can even get a single box plotted out without
>  getting lost. It may be capable, but boy does the UI suck. The UI may be
>  good once you know it, but boy does it suck for the occasional little
>  house or tank model. I remember not even finding out how to save my model
>  (there was of course no menus, no normal keybindings, nothing that was
>  sane with respect to modern usability), and ended up quitting using
>  KILL... Once you find out how to save and load, you have to save you model
>  all the time so that you have something to revert to when the inevitable
>  "what does this app do now, how can I get it back to normal?" comes along
>  and foces you to KILL it.
>  So flame me.

Yes, Blender interface may get you mad but consider that:

1. GIMP is the same.
A very good interface ->once<- you understand it.
I was getting crazy while learning it.

2. Blender interface is designed to let you work _fast_, so learning is worth 

3. There are lots of basic/interface tutorials around.
Watch out http://www.blender3d.org/Education/ .

4. I still have not managed to come up with the interface. =)

Francesco Orsenigo