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Re: Blender & Cygwin

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Francesco Orsenigo wrote:

>Jan Ekholm:
>>  So flame me.
>Yes, Blender interface may get you mad but consider that:
>1. GIMP is the same.

No. The gimp has normal menus where you easily find the common operations.
Selections, copy, paste etc work as in other apps. If you don't know how
to achieve an effect in the Gimp it's a totally different story, one which
applies to all applications. A total newbie can create a little texture in
the Gimp with some playing with the tools and tool options, all which are
easy to find.

>2. Blender interface is designed to let you work _fast_, so learning is worth

But definitely not designed to be _learned_ fast. For a coder it's way out
of the question to spend so much time with Blender as it would require
before you can even churn out a textured cube...

The ideal is of course to know someone that knows Blender well and can
create those nice models. Then the royal pain of actually getting those
models into the application in a sane way is left to the coder. :)

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