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Re: Blender & Cygwin

Jan Ekholm <chakie@infa.abo.fi> writes:

>>Yes, Blender interface may get you mad but consider that:
>>1. GIMP is the same.
> No. The gimp has normal menus where you easily find the common operations.
> Selections, copy, paste etc work as in other apps.

Try a new Blender version, the interface is still pretty much the same
as in the old days, but it has now standard menus that one can use to
look up functions and keyboard shortcuts. The menus are neither always
100% complete nor really intuitive to use, but they should help enough
to get the job done.

> A total newbie can create a little texture in the Gimp with some
> playing with the tools and tool options, all which are easy to find.

Well, ask the newbie to draw a straight line or a circle... Gimps
interface is enough to get the job done, but nothing more.

> But definitely not designed to be _learned_ fast.

As said above, its getting better, one can even use tooltips now and
the scroll-wheel is also supported.

> Then the royal pain of actually getting those models into the
> application in a sane way is left to the coder. :)

Luckily exporting Blender models with the python API is actually
pretty easy.

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