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Re: Blender & Cygwin

Steve Baker wrote:
The problem with standardized loaders for 3D files is the issue of
what representation the loader leaves the model in once it's into
memory.   Converting from THAT format to whatever the application
needs is just as big a problem as loading the 3D file in the first
I agree.  Instead of saying 'I wrote a library ... for loading
models (etc) from .blend files' I should have said 'I wrote a
library for querying and extracting various data from .blend
files'.  It's up to the application to use the API to grab sections
they know about (ie. models) and query those values they know how
to deal with (ie. bone weights, texture co-ordinates) and convert
them to their own internal format.

I think that this is the only possible way to write a generic
3d file loader interface (which I wasn't trying for, incidentally).
The interface mustn't impose its own idea of model or scenegraph
format on the application.

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