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Re: Blender & Cygwin

Jan Ekholm wrote:
> For a coder it's way out
of the question to spend so much time with Blender as it would require
before you can even churn out a textured cube...
Well, that's obviously not quite true because there are plenty
of coders who can model with Blender. :)

The ideal is of course to know someone that knows Blender well and can
create those nice models. Then the royal pain of actually getting those
models into the application in a sane way is left to the coder. :)
Yeah, that's a thorny one.  I wrote a library for my 'day job'
that exposes a relatively sane C API for loading models (etc) from
.blend files.  I'd quite like to release it under a MIT/X11
kinda license -- dunno if anyone's interested (I'm not sure right
now whether the lib really belongs to me or to my business).  It's
still a bit rough (IIRC there are endian issues, and it just calls
abort() on any sanity errors), but it'll get released some time
before too long, I'm sure.

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