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Re: Blender & Cygwin

Francesco Orsenigo wrote:

Yes, Blender interface may get you mad but consider that:

1. GIMP is the same.
A very good interface ->once<- you understand it.
I was getting crazy while learning it.
I couldn't disagree more.  My 12 yr old son picked up GIMP
without any help or doing any tutorials back when he was like 9 years old.
Similarly with AC3D.

No amount of effort has gotten either he or I past "how do I make a textured cube"
in Blender.

2. Blender interface is designed to let you work _fast_, so learning is worth it.
Learning it is *impossible* for a large percentage of potential users.  I have
tried VERY hard to learn it - and it's just too horrible.

3. There are lots of basic/interface tutorials around.
Watch out http://www.blender3d.org/Education/ .
Been there - done that.  I've run each tutorial several times - many of
the steps in the tutorials leave me always wondering "Why did I have to
do that - and what would I have done if I'd wanted something else instead?"

I can't learn blender.

4. I still have not managed to come up with the interface. =)
Eh?  So you say it's easy - yet you can't do it?

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