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Re: Blender & Cygwin

Steve Baker:
>  > 1. GIMP is the same.
>  > A very good interface ->once<- you understand it.
>  > I was getting crazy while learning it.
>  I couldn't disagree more.  My 12 yr old son picked up GIMP
>  without any help or doing any tutorials back when he was like 9 years old.
>  Similarly with AC3D.
Oh, well... maybe i was just too used to PsP... or maybe i'm just stupid... =)
Maybe is the same with Blender: you are used to the way of other modellers...
When i passed from w98 to Linux i found it horrible, stupid and 
counterintuitive, now that i know it i find it very elegant and efficent.

>  Learning it is *impossible* for a large percentage of potential users.  I
> have tried VERY hard to learn it - and it's just too horrible.
My brother (he's 13) learned it with 2 bad-written tutorials (he does not 
speak english)...
And he used Bryce untill now.

Well, maybe the 30%-70% thing is true... (and is true also for GIMP, but with 
98%-2%... Ok, the simplest solution is that i'm stupid... =)

>  > 4. I still have not managed to come up with the interface. =)
>  Eh?  So you say it's easy - yet you can't do it?

Where do I say it is easy?
Indeed it was not a point pro my opinion... I was just evaulating 

Francesco Orsenigo