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Re: Blender & Cygwin

Steve Baker:
>  The common mistake that's made here is to assume that GIMP is a paint
>  program - it's not.  The name stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program
>  and it's really intended for doing image processing, cleaning up photo's,
>  compositing, etc, etc.

I found myself very comfortable with GIMP as paint program....
It's very versatile.

>  (Having said that, *I* do all my painting in GIMP.  If I want to draw
>  something geometric, I do it in a 3D modeller then use GIMP to grab
>  a screen snapshot and import that into a layer of my GIMP image. That
>  sounds unweildy - but with both programs running on the same screen,
>  it actually only takes a couple of keystrokes to do that.)

I used the same technique for all older Xarvh GFX, with very good results.
However latest pics (like a simple animated flag) have been made entirely with 

Francesco Orsenigo