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Luring hard-core players to Linux.

Ingo Ruhnke:
>  The problem is that one can't really create games good enough to get
>  any Windows people interested in installing Linux,

Why should i play Tuxkart when i can play MotoGP2?
We can't compete anyway on Windows.

But we may create thing windows lacks.
I repeat: there are *lots* of great ideas, *lots* of great games that does not 
need impressive graphics, or a team of dozens professionists....
And these ideas, and these games are just waiting someone to create them.

The case of MOO3 is exemplar: a monstrous 400Mb-game with 3D gfx, transparent 
menues and a complex game system....
Simply boring and unplayable.
It run very slow on my K7-800 (128Mb ram), and just to show me complex 
4-colors tech-trees, a single portrait to give apparence to my whole race, 
and planets on a black background.
Moo2 was more appealing.

Moo1 and Moo2 fans reacted very badly to it...
They are hard-core players, and many of them would do almost _anything_ to 
play a good version of the game they love....
We would be offering a game with a community where they can propose, comment, 
suggest, have their work published... If we make clear these points to them 
they may be lured from it...

This is just an example, the point is that we should offer what windows does 
not offer, we should create what there is not, what makes no money but lots 
of hard-core players would love...
Offer them what they cannot have and cannot buy.

Think at the games you loved more: they were quite simple but very smart, 
balanced and replayeble infinite times.

Francesco Orsenigo