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Re: Moonlight|3D

Steve Baker:
>  So if I delete half my models, all that happens is that a 'delete me'
>  item gets pushed on their stacks?
>  What if I change a node in the tree and then decide I didn't want to
> change it?
>  I don't see this as a substitute for Undo.
You are a _genious_!
Nested undo... so i can decide to undo the undo stack... and maybe i can 
create a stack for all undos wich in turn can be undone... mmh....
(noise of rotating gears)

However i agree: is a very cool thing, but you'd need something like a 
standard undo function upon it.
The stack undoes on the 'model', the undo function undoes the stack.

>  Well - perhaps.   Suppose you had a second object that you created by
>  snapping some of it's vertices to the first object.  When the first object
>  changes, does the second one remain 'attached' to it?  You'd hope so - but
>  I bet it doesn't.
Yes, but the effects may get very interesting (or very confusing... the two 
things don't even exclude each other...)
It is definitely worth the effort.

Francesco Orsenigo