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Re: Moonlight|3D

Anarky wrote:
Gregor Mückl wrote:

I believe that we got something even better than any undo: The user is creating a tree of operators which in turn create the final scene. This tree is editable at any time during that process. Nodes can be added and removed at any time. This is much more powerful than a simple undo/redo mechanism and is in fact the heart of the overall design.
So if I delete half my models, all that happens is that a 'delete me'
item gets pushed on their stacks?

What if I change a node in the tree and then decide I didn't want to change

I don't see this as a substitute for Undo.

I'd also be a little concerned about the performance implications when
you get into fairly complex models.

I noticed quite early that the undo/redo features are something that you can use as a criterium to estimate the real power of the tool. Big packages seem to have implemented this by design while small ones miss it or have some simple "keep the previous states in a stack" approach layered all over the rest.
Yes - it's really hard to get Undo right unless it's right there in the
initial design approach.

this is truly awesome!! way to go!! this way you can start modelling from a cube .. do a whole lot of stuff .. and then later decide that the original object should be a sphere .. and everything along the workpath changes!! awesome!
Well - perhaps.   Suppose you had a second object that you created by
snapping some of it's vertices to the first object.  When the first object
changes, does the second one remain 'attached' to it?  You'd hope so - but
I bet it doesn't.

The really hard part seems to be to get it to a state in which users can start to adopt it and start to complain about missing features.
Yes - I feel your pain!

You have to have so much of a modeller working before it's even slightly

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