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Re: artists

Gregor Mückl wrote:

The alternative is to help people out with writing an alternative to blender. I've assembled a team who could do it. We're preparing to start coding now and might have a first usable version within a year.
Writing a complete 3D modeller is an incredibly hard problem.  I'd be quite suprised
if you could get anything out the door within a year from a standing start.

I worked with the PrettyPoly group (now defunct).  We worked long and hard - but
the enthusiasm ran out before the work did.

My advice:

  1) Implement 'undo' from day one - don't put it off until later.

  2) Take a tip from GIMP and do everything with scripting.  Build a core
     editing engine, a core rendering engine and a GUI - but connect the three
     together with scripting - you won't regret it.

  3) Make sure everyone knows how much work it is - don't kid yourselves.
     It's going to take two years to get a usable modeller out the door.

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