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Re: artists

Frederic A. Martinelli wrote:

I think it's genetic because maybe 70% of people are in my position.
Hum, your post was funny to read: it's not genetic, it's knowledge relative, in fact most people using Blender are finding it easy to use because they've used several other 3D progs before, by "used" i mean as a job or equivalent experience, not to pop up a square after a month of test'n'error, see ?
I could not disagree more.  My *job* is 3D graphics - I design flight
simulator graphics systems.  I work with dozens of people who do 3D
graphics for a living - and the 70/30 ratio of blender-intolerant to
blender-loving holds just as much for those people as it seems to for
programmers and casual model builders.

You are VERY wrong.

And for those newcomers who know it straight without prior knowledge then it's simply because "they'll fit for the job", see ? Like people who knows how to draw with a pencil and those who will never be able to. Then yes, it's genetic, but then it's not your funny 70/30% ratio.
Yes - it's like that - either you can draw or you can't - either you can
learn blender or you can't.  I stand by my 70/30 ratio though.  We had long
discussions about this both at work, and during the PrettyPoly effort - I'm
as sure as I can be that this is true.

It's rare to find someone who merely 'gets by' in blender - you either
love it or find it literally unusable.

I rather think that for someone who have used extensively 3DSnnn/Lightwave/[any third progs of that kind] then Blender is just "another way of getting things done"... and it's not harder nor easier, just different.
Nope - I've used Multigen Creator, Maya, Softimage, AC3D and (a tiny bit)
3DS.   It's *utterly* different - in some way that my poor little brain
can't "grok".

It is for me: i'm using 3D rendering stuff since 1988 and Blender was a breeze, just like LightWave before and 3DS even before and... Well you see.
Congratulations!  You are in the 30%.

If I could possibly learn blender, I wouldn't be contemplating
spending $2,000 on Maya-for-Linux.

Really if you haven't been able to master Blender, you'll lose a large part of your money with Maya as, once again it is expected to be used by people used to use 3D progs and you won't probably use more than 1% of it's possibilities.
I've totally mastered Maya!  It was a breeze to learn.  I just don't have
a copy for home use.

You assume a lot about me that simply isn't true.  I'm a total 3D fanatic,
I do it for fun and for a living, I've used a ton of 3D modellers - and even
written a couple of them.  Blender is the only 3D modeller I can't get my
head around....heck, it's probably the only interactive program of ANY kind
I can't get my head around.

What is the problem ?
The problem is that Blender's GUI is a piece of shit - only 30% of people
in the world can understand it well enough to use it at all!

You're a good coder and a bad 3D graphic guy, here is one of the solutions: join Moonlight3D to share your experiences in coding and that way Linux will eventually get an average-Joe oriented 3D rendering program, which it actually lacks and that is a bad thing for the newbies in computing who want to do some 3D stuff for fun/to see if they want more (in school i mean)... and so on.
Well, for an average-Joe, I'd strongly recommend spending $40 on AC3D.

For people who need to go deeper, I'd strongly recommend giving Blender
a try (in case you are in the 30% group) - but if you can't get your
head around it reasonably quickly - give up because you are in the 70%
and you'll never come to love it.

The OpenSource world DOES need a good 3D modeller with a 'standard'
interface.  It's a glaring omission.   The problem is that it's a
massive undertaking to write such a thing.  I know - I've tried.
I think we need some company with an interest in 3D to sponsor a
couple of full-time developers for a year or two to get the development
started and to keep it on track as an OpenSource project.

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