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Re: artists

Steve Baker wrote:
I've tried to learn blender several times - I've done all of the tutorials
AND bought and read the book.  I still couldn't model a textured cube in
it if my life depended on it.

However, a significant fraction of people who try blender find it somehow
'snaps' into their brains and they find it the most wonderful, natural and
efficient GUI on the planet.

I think it's genetic because maybe 70% of people are in my position.
Hum, your post was funny to read: it's not genetic, it's knowledge relative, in fact most people using Blender are finding it easy to use because they've used several other 3D progs before, by "used" i mean as a job or equivalent experience, not to pop up a square after a month of test'n'error, see ? And for those newcomers who know it straight without prior knowledge then it's simply because "they'll fit for the job", see ? Like people who knows how to draw with a pencil and those who will never be able to. Then yes, it's genetic, but then it's not your funny 70/30% ratio.

It's rare to find someone who merely 'gets by' in blender - you either
love it or find it literally unusable.
I rather think that for someone who have used extensively 3DSnnn/Lightwave/[any third progs of that kind] then Blender is just "another way of getting things done"... and it's not harder nor easier, just different. It is for me: i'm using 3D rendering stuff since 1988 and Blender was a breeze, just like LightWave before and 3DS even before and... Well you see.

So flame me.

Nope - you are 100% right for 70% of the people out there and
100% wrong for the remaining 30%.

The big problem is that the blender developers are in the 30% and
they can't be made to believe that the remaining 70% of us have
really made an effort to learn it before giving up on it.  They
always say "If you persevere, you'll learn to like it." - or - "If
only people would run the tutorials - they'd understand it."

That's certainly not true.
Well no, indeed, it _is_ true. But they just forgot to say that to become a good "3D rendering guy" you have to "stick in your house for 3 years learning several progs and getting off all your friends/dates/..." and so on well you know the sentence which is told to newbies in computer graphics schools, err, no sorry, that you don't know about... See ?

And it's a very good thing that those guys are thinking that way, because that's exactly why Blender is used by (wannabe)pro.

If I could possibly learn blender, I wouldn't be contemplating
spending $2,000 on Maya-for-Linux.
Really if you haven't been able to master Blender, you'll lose a large part of your money with Maya as, once again it is expected to be used by people used to use 3D progs and you won't probably use more than 1% of it's possibilities.

What is the problem ? You're a good coder and a bad 3D graphic guy, here is one of the solutions: join Moonlight3D to share your experiences in coding and that way Linux will eventually get an average-Joe oriented 3D rendering program, which it actually lacks and that is a bad thing for the newbies in computing who want to do some 3D stuff for fun/to see if they want more (in school i mean)... and so on.