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Re: artists

Jan Ekholm wrote:
Blender on the other hand... Well, you need to try to learn to use it for
a few months before you can even get a single box plotted out without
It took you several months ?!? Well maybe you shouldn't keep on trying doing some 3D and do something else ? Just a thought.

getting lost. It may be capable, but boy does the UI suck. The UI may be
The UI is very good as long as you know what you're doing / searching for.

good once you know it, but boy does it suck for the occasional little
house or tank model. I remember not even finding out how to save my model
(there was of course no menus, no normal keybindings, nothing that was
sane with respect to modern usability), and ended up quitting using
The menu is the space bar, it's written in a lot of places but for that you have to RTFM, there are keybindings: they just don't match 3DS ones, and for modern usability: really you obviously don't know a single heck about 3D rendering so how can you say that ? First learn _then_ give your opinion.

KILL... Once you find out how to save and load, you have to save you model
all the time so that you have something to revert to when the inevitable
"what does this app do now, how can I get it back to normal?" comes along
and foces you to KILL it.
Impressive you're not even used to test after the Q/X/Ctrl-Q/Ctrl-X sequence of keys to quit a progs, you're using computers since how many days ?

So flame me.
Yep, done as you asked for it, because writting such post could only mean that you asked for it right ?! :)
't'was pretty easy... indeed. :) So what did i win ? ... :)

P.S.: In the future try to keep that useless kind of post for the M$ groups, thanks.