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Re: Static Linking Throuble with OpenGL

Am Sonntag, 17. August 2003 16:43 schrieben Sie:
> Adam D. Moss wrote:
> > If you have an old machine lying around somewhere then the
> > only solution I can see would be to install an older-glibc
> > Linux distro and use that as a build machine.
> Oh, you could always use another partition on your main
> machine for this (I tend to automatically discount any
> solutions that involve a reboot :)), or something like User
> Mode Linux and a distro installed on a loopback device (hmm,
> how?).  But in the latter case although you could use it to
> build, it wouldn't likely be up to the task of testing too
> (can't see accelerated GL working under UML, VMware or any
> other abstraction layer).
> --Adam

I think a chroot-environment with carefully picked libraries and tools could 
solve your problem without any need to reboot. However, this requires a big 
amount of disk space and a lot of work to get the required tools installed in 
that environment because it forces you to rebuild a big part of the 
user-space runtime. 

Gentoo requires similar steps when installed from a stage1 boot disk. So I'm 
pretty confident that this method works, but I cannot tell for sure. Try at 
your own risk :-)