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non-portability (was. Re: GLUT and sound)


> > <VENT(?)>
> > I'm getting annoyed with all this portability.
> > My next game will be Linux-only.
> > I'll spend efforts to ensure non-compatibility with w32...
> > (Extensive use of pipe()/socketpair() should do it...)
> > I promise.
> > </VENT(?)>
> I've been thinking that way too.

Don't underestimate the power of Cygwin! :-)


Other than that I tend to agree that Win32 is not a platform, but a sickness 
(oh wait, did that function use _cdecl or _stdcall?).

Dropping Win32 support would be soooo easy if the artist and the musician on 
my team would decide to switch over, too. Dream on, buddy....