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Re: artists

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[Sat, 30 Aug 2003 13:40:22 +0200] Message from Frederic A. Martinelli:

> > love it or find it literally unusable.
> I rather think that for someone who have used extensively 
> 3DSnnn/Lightwave/[any third progs of that kind] then Blender is just 
> "another way of getting things done"... and it's not harder nor easier, 
> just different.

I have 8 years experience using various 3D rendering packages - starting
with packages on the amiga like Imagine, Caligari, Cinema 4D then Lightwave
and Lightwave and 3D Studio Max on Windows. I've also used 3D editors in a
numebr of other programs for level construction as well (Half Life and
Thief 2 being the most extensively used) I find Blender's interface to be
unintuitive, clumbersome, obtuse and irritating in the extreme. Knowledge of
other packages did help me, but I still find it frustrating to ues,
especially compared to Lightwave's modeller, and insulting members of this
list just because you appear to think that they are too stupid to learn how
to use a program does nothing but make you shound arrogant and incapable of
admitting there may be fundamental design flaws in the interface of a

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