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Re: Moonlight|3D

Francesco Orsenigo wrote:

Steve Baker:

So if I delete half my models, all that happens is that a 'delete me'
item gets pushed on their stacks?

What if I change a node in the tree and then decide I didn't want to
change it?

I don't see this as a substitute for Undo.

You are a _genious_!
Nested undo... so i can decide to undo the undo stack... and maybe i can create a stack for all undos wich in turn can be undone... mmh....
(noise of rotating gears)

However i agree: is a very cool thing, but you'd need something like a standard undo function upon it.
The stack undoes on the 'model', the undo function undoes the stack.

Well - perhaps. Suppose you had a second object that you created by
snapping some of it's vertices to the first object. When the first object
changes, does the second one remain 'attached' to it? You'd hope so - but
I bet it doesn't.

Yes, but the effects may get very interesting (or very confusing... the two things don't even exclude each other...)
It is definitely worth the effort.

even with such possible disadvantages the benefits would be huge. XSI I think capitalized a whole version on such a feature if I remember correctly.. and somebody who gets 17000$ (I understand) per licence prolly does things right ;)