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Re: GLUT and sound

Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

I started writing games as a way to try to help promote Linux on the
desktop in peoples homes. However, when I obey my natural instincts
and make the game portable, it no longer has that effect.

The problem is that one can't really create games good enough to get
any Windows people interested in installing Linux, after all they have
at least a magnitude more and better games available, while Linux just
has a few ports and dozens of tetris clones.
I don't expect games to attract people away from Windows.   What I do
believe is that Windows people who would LIKE to switch to Linux are
very often put off by the lack of games.

Having a dozen MODERATELY good games would be enough to bring them over.

Once enough people are using Linux, commercial games will come - and
with the artwork and audio needs of 'modern' games, only a commercial
company can do that.

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