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Re: GLUT and sound

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> I started writing games as a way to try to help promote Linux on the
> desktop in peoples homes. However, when I obey my natural instincts
> and make the game portable, it no longer has that effect.

The problem is that one can't really create games good enough to get
any Windows people interested in installing Linux, after all they have
at least a magnitude more and better games available, while Linux just
has a few ports and dozens of tetris clones. So the chance of getting
Windows people interested with Linux-only games is pretty much zero.
However with portable games people can play and test the games under
their OS of choice, which for sure will get them more interested into
the game, than a game that they can't run. That again will lead to
more interest, more contributors and in the end a better game, which
again will lead to even more interest. And now with all the interest
around you can still boost interest in Linux if you want, add a splash
screen saying something like developed under Linux, release Linux
versions earlier than the Windows ones or something like that. If I
look around all the better Free Games out there are portable and have
significant contributions from the Windows side.

After all we should try to make the best games possible and if we like
it or not, a lot of Windows people out there can help doing that.

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