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Re: GLUT and sound

Steve Baker:
>  Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
>  > Even so making Linux-only games is tempting, its probally the worst
>  > one can do. After all the waste majority of artist and gamers is still
>  > on Windows and losing these potential contributors is pretty bad.
>  > After all the Linux marked is still pretty small so every help should
>  > be welcome, even if it comes from the Windows side.
>  I started writing games as a way to try to help promote Linux on the
>  desktop in peoples homes.   However, when I obey my natural instincts
>  and make the game portable, it no longer has that effect.

I agree.
Latest games are very commercial, there is no innovation, no great ideas, only 
lots of graphics and money...
Games are made to make money, not fun, they aim just to catch the attention 
Offer _really_ funny games, made for passion and not for money.
Offer them for free.
It may be tempting, after all...
I'm making Xarvh as a somewhat sequel of Master of Magic... I got _lots_ of 
interested people who loved viscerally MoM and would do almost everything to 
play a multiplayer version of it.
Even if graphics is bad, even if they'll have to wait.

Do not make immense MMORPG, do not make Hitman or Soldier of Fortune.
Make something none can buy.
Have you played MOO2? Is a great game, but the multiplayer system is simply 
Hard-core players would have expected MOO3 would just fix it.
But MOO3 sucks: is a bloating mass of 3d graphics and transparent windows, is 
unappealing, boring, slow, counterintuitve.
Remaking such a game with strong multiplayer features would be quite easy, and 
would surely score a great success.
Need ideas?
Watch here:
Lots of underrated _great_ games.

Francesco Orsenigo