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Re: GLUT and sound

Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
"Stephen J Baker" <sjbaker@link.com> writes:

I'm getting annoyed with all this portability. My next game will be
Linux-only. I'll spend efforts to ensure non-compatibility with
w32... (Extensive use of pipe()/socketpair() should do it...) I
I've been thinking that way too.

Even so making Linux-only games is tempting, its probally the worst
one can do. After all the waste majority of artist and gamers is still
on Windows and losing these potential contributors is pretty bad.
After all the Linux marked is still pretty small so every help should
be welcome, even if it comes from the Windows side.
I started writing games as a way to try to help promote Linux on the
desktop in peoples homes.   However, when I obey my natural instincts
and make the game portable, it no longer has that effect.

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