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Re: Blender & Cygwin

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> The common mistake that's made here is to assume that GIMP is a paint
> program - it's not.

Well, its the best free paint programm out there that I know of. Sure
some people might claim its not, but after all I don't really see any
big difference between an image manipulation programm and a paint
programm, beside that the first category might have less features (I
still miss a easy way to simply create new brushes...).

> If you want to draw, there are better alternatives out there.

Which one would that be? Sure for vector graphics there is Sketch and
Sodipodi, but for game/pixel graphics?

>> As said above, its getting better, one can even use tooltips now and
>> the scroll-wheel is also supported.
> The problem is much deeper than that (IMHO).

Yep, the problem is a bit deeper, but they still help a lot to get the
job done. Its just quicker to mouse-over for a sec than to launch a
webbrowser and searching google for a while.

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