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Re: Luring hard-core players to Linux.

On Saturday 30 August 2003 17:19, you wrote:
> Why should i play Tuxkart when i can play MotoGP2?

Well, one of these doesn't run on my powerpc notebook :)

> But we may create thing windows lacks.
> I repeat: there are *lots* of great ideas, *lots* of great games that does
> not need impressive graphics, or a team of dozens professionists....
> And these ideas, and these games are just waiting someone to create them.

During LinuxTag, quite a lot of Windows developers gave me business cards with 
the intent to contribute. I've so far contacted them all and not heard back 
from any of them.

> Think at the games you loved more: they were quite simple but very smart,
> balanced and replayeble infinite times.

True, but there can only be a limited number of them, and this leads to the 
clones problem again (Tetris was innovative at its time).


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