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Rules and something else

I have noticed a couple of messages about "mimicing" rules for this or
that game. I just want to say if anyone is interested in programming a
game and would like a designer of the game I have developed a game system
for the past seven years or so. The rules lend the selves well to computer
gaming and I already have all the algorithms for the rules that you would
need. I intend to eventualy release the rules under a modified Artistic
License thingy. Even though I belive strongly in Open Source there are
certin parts to the worlds I have built that I want to maintain control of
but the core rules will be avalle to any who would want to use it. I can
also help in the development.

	But I am also going to school and starting work on a project of a
"frontend" to rpm and mabey deb as well that will enhance the pakage and
allow for greater customazation for where stuff is put and the libraries
it uses. 

Anyone interested in either of these things email mail me and I will be
glad to help.

-  Bryan Patrick Coleman  -  Triad Linux Users Group  -  bpcolema@uncg.edu  -
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