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Re: what about TSR and GPL

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Michael Maher wrote:

> > 	That's why I offered to help with the rules of anyone wanting to
> > create a non-clone RPG system. Besides all of the most famouse games were
> > in some way quite unique and there for attracted a following.
> But there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  

	I have already re-invented the wheel I have been  developing  a
gaming system for about seven years and the rules are pretty mature
whenever I get around to polishing up the manual I am going to web-publish
the game and alow for a GPL'ish Artistic Licencse kind of a thing basical
anyone who wants to base a world off my rules can and even include the
rules along with it as long as they don't try to restrick any one else,

> Gurps is almost like the GPL of roleplaying.  It's a cheap and easy system
> to use.  I'd be willing to bet that you could use their roleplaying system
> to do what you want.  What I'm talking about here is dice/hits/etc. 

 I have been told my system is kind of gurps'ish and is skill based like
gurps. I have a "set" of ten primary attributes that include fighting
aiming defense agility staying reaction notice invent recall focus and
fortitued. Everything works on a similer ( oh by the way I know I can't
spell) algorithm %d + Attribute + Modifiers - defenders %d + Attribute +
Modifiers and then the result determins the conciqunce. Every thing is
percentile dice. I have one fully developed world and two semi-developed
wolrds to go along with it. I wish to keep a slightly tighter Licence on
the worlds but would not require any money for there use I just don't want
people "killing" the feeling of them.

> I've also been involved with roleplaying type stuffs for a long long time
> both on computer and off and I'm willing to help you flush out the
> rules/dice rolls if you want.  kinda nostalgic actually. :-)

Me too 16 or 17 years since I was in the fourth grade no less

> > 	I will be more than happy to help in the development of a game and
> > I am quite good at rules. But trying to emulate a commercial game is
> > probably a bad idea. Wizards of the Coast has sued almost every one of the
> > other tradeable card games and has won serveral times as the have a
> > pattent on several key concepts like tapping mana. :)
> I'd like to say that I have a proto type deck of card right here on my
> desk.   'uno the gathering' complete with Red Hat backs and developer key
> 'wild cards'.  
> magic the gathering.... bah. 
> -mike
 I really don't care for magic and have only played it because my role
playing buddies made me. No I sware I didn't inhale.

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