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Re: GFX under Linux and my project

Xarvh wrote:
> This is the project i'm working at:
> http://freeweb.lombardiacom.it/xarvh
> If someone can help me with the GFX there will be one more game for Linux. ^^
> Is still in a pre-alpha stage, but will become a grat game.

What sort of help do you need?

* If it's just advice on how to write the code, this is a good place to
  ask - there are a lot of helpful people here...but you need to be more
  specific about what your problems are.

* If you want actual code contributions then it's going to be a little
  harder to get help - but not impossible.

* If you need someone to do the actual artwork for you then you are
  probably *doomed*.  Getting freeware artwork done is almost impossible.

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