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Re: GFX under Linux and my project

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> wrote:

>What sort of help do you need?
>* If it's just advice on how to write the code, this is a good place to
>  ask - there are a lot of helpful people here...but you need to be more
>  specific about what your problems are.
>* If you want actual code contributions then it's going to be a little
>  harder to get help - but not impossible.

Being linux newbie i'd like hints and suggestions but examples or actual code are welcome.

I need to set the video mode to 800x600x16bpp (or 32, or 24 or 8 if it is such a hopeless quest)
Even a X11 window could be fine (but then i have to find a way to control the keyboard and the mouse...)

I tried ALLEGRO and SDL with discouraging results.
I'll try again to use the latest SDL.

>* If you need someone to do the actual artwork for you then you are
>  probably *doomed*.  Getting freeware artwork done is almost impossible.
Luckily that's not my case.
I should be able to complete all the graphics for a *playable* game alone.