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Re: GFX under Linux

Jan Ekholm wrote:
> On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Mark D'voo wrote:
> >really? only obsolete games.  What about return to castle wolfenstein? it
> >only took a week to get linux multi palyer binaries, not too bad
> As Steve already said in a reply the id games are the only exceptions. But
> RTCW is as far as I know not sold as a Linux game, so all sold copies are
> anyway for Windows, with the Linux binaries downloaded separately. So id
> has no chance to know how many of those downloads are going to be used
> with a *sold* game versus a *pirated* game.

Id lost money on Quake-for-Linux - so you can't blame them for supporting
Linux in this relatively cheap way.  We should just be grateful that they
supported Quake at all.  "You can't play Quake on it" would have been pretty
damning criticism of Linux at the peak of Quake's popularity.

> I think commercial Linux games
> must be sold as Linux games in order to gain wider acceptance, not as
> Windows games with some downloadable Linux binary.

Well that would be ideal - but I think that far and away the most important
thing is that the Linux version launches on the exact same day as the
Windoze version and at the same price.

It would be nice if they could also find a corner of the CD-ROM to put it
on and add "or Linux" to the list of requirements on the box.

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