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Re: GFX under Linux

Jan Ekholm wrote:

> As Steve already said in a reply the id games are the only exceptions. But
> RTCW is as far as I know not sold as a Linux game, so all sold copies are
> anyway for Windows, with the Linux binaries downloaded separately. So id
> has no chance to know how many of those downloads are going to be used
> with a *sold* game versus a *pirated* game. I think commercial Linux games
> must be sold as Linux games in order to gain wider acceptance, not as
> Windows games with some downloadable Linux binary.

Good luck trying to get retail outlets to reserve shelf space for linux

versions. At least id is making the game available, they can count the
downloads and make a case to their publisher, should time arise.

As for SDL, I had a random thought - it would be possible to create
a "standardization project" (call it what you will) that provides a
more managed SDL package. Collect all of the various components
together, assign them a single version number - call it a "distro".
Make it available in all the various package formats. Provide
fewer - but more comprehensive - releases.

So who's got free time and gobs of bandwidth? ;) Actually it
probably wouldn't be all that hard to get a couple of the linux
distros to buy into the idea, as it would encourage better
multimedia apps on the platform.