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Re: general game programming questions

Tomas Andrle wrote:

>does anyone know how to create a good 2d effect of 'fog'? what I want is
>a fog which'd lay on the ground and change slowly. and also a 'smoke'
>effect (similar but would not lay on the ground) - yes I know it could be
>done with some transparent sprites, but I want it to look more like the
>'fire' effects (which almost everyone must have done already).

Hmmm, perhaps your best bet is to actually use 3D gfx for that as 3d
accelerators can do the alpha blending pretty fast in hardware. Doing alpha
blending in a normal 2D way should be rather slow. And you also have to
care about objects that are only partly in/below the fog...

>available? I want real time object mesh deformation, collision detection,
>different material properties, gravity, friction etc. if the commercial games

Hmmm, SGI sells something like that - it's caled "Maya" and runs nicely on
a simple Octane ;)

Ok, serious again - I bet there is something out there, but I'm sorry I
don't know where. Perhaps you'll find something on one of the big game
programming sites...


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