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Re: mail <=> news gateway

>>>>> "Pierre" == Pierre Phaneuf <pp@ludusdesign.com> writes:

Pierre> Hmm... I have formail and Python, and I could get suck, but I
Pierre> use sendmail... I would like some help getting that to work
Pierre> anyway, I tried to use newsgate (from the INN contrib
Pierre> directory), but that thing don't even compile on my box
Pierre> (problem in lex stuff, which I know nothing about).

Try to install GNU flex and be sure to link with the flex library. GNU
flex can be found at ftp://sunsite.auc.dk/pub/gnu among other places.

Pierre> Maybe I could look at your stuff and modify it (or rewrite it,
Pierre> depending on the degree of changes required)...

Pierre> What do you mean exactly by "qmail specifix things"?

A lot. Qmail offers multiple adresses pr. user, so the user, who runs
our newsserver, have a lot of email adresses in the form of
news-my.mailing.list@sunsite.auc.dk. When a posting to my.mailing.list
is sent, "news" will receive it. The message is piped to the actual
gateway, but before that, qmail sets a few environment variables
telling which address this mail came at etc, and these variables is
used to direct the message to the right newsgroup and to perform som
sanity checks. My lille formail filter then rewrites the mail to news
format (removing some headers, renaming other and addind a few) and
then writes the message to a little spool from where rpost (from the
suck package) will pick it up and actually post it.

news->mail is even simplere. The newsgroups is created as moderated
groups, so when a posting happens, it is simple forwarded by mail to
the moderater who happens to be the mailinglist.

Now is the circle completed and as I do not munge with the Message-ID
header, the newsservers history functions will protect against

This is getting rater off-topic for linux games, so from now on,
please follow up using personal mail.

Best regards,