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Re: Idle? We could need some help...

Peter Korsgaard wrote:

>>>>>>"Gregor" == Gregor Mueckl <GregorMueckl@gmx.de> writes:
>  Gregor> artists on our team we lack programming manpower to keep up
>  Gregor> with them (no joking here :-). So all I want to say is: we
>  Gregor> could need help with certain things.
> I think you are the first to have this problem - it's usually the
> other way around ;)
>  Gregor> First of all we could need a working network abstraction
>  Gregor> layer running at least on Windows and Linux and providing a
>  Gregor> unified low level interface to TCP and UDP. Is there any Open
>  Gregor> Source library out there capable of this?
> SDL has a cross platform network abstraction layer called SDL_net
> (http://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_net/index.html). I haven't tried
> it myself though.

This library rocks! :-)

A TCP networking test was up within 10 minutes with this library. UDP 
still isn't working. I ought to have a look into the docs for a change. :-)

>  Gregor> Second, what about good, high-quality video codecs? I have so
>  Gregor> far found none that is both high-quality and not bound to any
>  Gregor> patenting/licencing issues that could make us pay (especially
>  Gregor> MPEG2/MPEG4, which we therefore cannot use at all).
> What about old mpeg1 - or isn't that high quality enough? Ogg Tarkin
> also looks promising.

What about MPEG1 licensing? I have been unable to find any information 
on whether MPEG1 is covered by patents and - should this be that case, 
as I assume right now - what licencing terms the patent holders have. So 
this doesn't solve the problem.

I have been looking at the Ogg/Vorbis and Ogg/Tarking development 
because I use Ogg/Vorbis in my own code. If there is any working source 
code for Ogg/Tarkin I've failed to discover it. As far as I know they 
are still in a pretty early and experimental stage.

Although your suggestions are good, they don't get me much further in 
this. I need at least some information on MPEG1 licensing. That's the 
fastest way to solve this video codec problem.

Anyway, thank you for your effort. You've brought me a step forward.


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