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Hi Linuxgamesy peeps!

I thought I'd introduce myself since I've posted here a
few times and it seems a friendly sort of mailing list.

My name is Adam and I like games.  :)  I like playing them
and I like working on them (in any capacity, currently
primarily programming which to be honest is becoming something
of a chore, and I'd like to gravitate more towards writing and
production design).  I am or have been active on a slew of (mostly
non-game) free software projects (eg. GIMP, Mozilla, DOSemu) and
as a 'day job' I alternate between UI design (it pays) and a
game-dev startup (it takes all my money away again).

I have no recollection of what the remit of this mailing list is, but
from the flavour of the postings over the last several months it seems
to be 'general discussion of gaming under Linux: playing and creating.'
So I hope that coding sorts of questions aren't discouraged (doesn't
seem to be the case)!

I like to ask questions that aren't totally Linux-games
specific.  The reason I ask them here is that to be honest the
quality of discussion here is rather good, but more pertinantly
the people here are used to low-budget D.I.Y. solutions rather
than plucking a commercial windows solution to a technical or
modelling problem off the shelf, and have mildly less wildly-rampant
egos than on most of the game-dev fora on the net.  (Though this
mailing list seems fairly well-hidden... maybe those of us with
web-sites would like to prostitute it more actively?)

Needless to say, I do develop games on/for Linux, but that includes
-- I hope -- commercial stuff so consider that fair warning if
you're opposed to helping commercial titles on Linux. :)

Well, since I'm here let me plug this 8-bit Crap Games Competition
which I was custodian of for 2001:
Do check out the entries (xzx or spectemu will do if you want to
try them out) and ask yourself: Have things really come so far
in 20 years?  :)

Adam D. Moss    . ,,^^    adam@gimp.org    http://www.foxbox.org/   co:3

But not us (no never) no not us (no never)
We are far too young and clever