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Re: Introduction!

Quoting "Adam D. Moss" <adam@gimp.org>:

> Hi Linuxgamesy peeps!
> I thought I'd introduce myself since I've posted here a
> few times and it seems a friendly sort of mailing list.
> My name is Adam and I like games.  :)  I like playing them
> and I like working on them (in any capacity, currently
> primarily programming which to be honest is becoming something
> of a chore, and I'd like to gravitate more towards writing and
> production design).  I am or have been active on a slew of (mostly
> non-game) free software projects (eg. GIMP, Mozilla, DOSemu) and
> as a 'day job' I alternate between UI design (it pays) and a
> game-dev startup (it takes all my money away again).
> I have no recollection of what the remit of this mailing list is, but
> from the flavour of the postings over the last several months it seems
> to be 'general discussion of gaming under Linux: playing and
> creating.'
> So I hope that coding sorts of questions aren't discouraged (doesn't
> seem to be the case)!
> I like to ask questions that aren't totally Linux-games
> specific.  The reason I ask them here is that to be honest the
> quality of discussion here is rather good, but more pertinantly
> the people here are used to low-budget D.I.Y. solutions rather
> than plucking a commercial windows solution to a technical or
> modelling problem off the shelf, and have mildly less wildly-rampant
> egos than on most of the game-dev fora on the net.

Are you belittling my ego?

To be honest, I find most of the other forum to be too windows dominated. Every 
question seems to be answered with some Windows code cut&pasted from somewhere 
rather than any indication that anyone involved understands any principles 
behind anything.

To kick off a debate - anyone use Design Patterns in their games programming?